DEU Push Up Corset Bra with Panties

DEU Push Up Corset Bra with Panties
Size: 70AB , 70CD , 75AB , 75CD , 80AB , 80CD , 85AB , 85CD
Colour : Beige
Price: RM 118
Colour: Black
Price : RM 168
Include Postage for WM

Product Details
Material: Lace 73% Nylon 17% Spandex 10% Jacquard Fabric 91% Nylon 9% Spandex Nylon 13% Spandex Lining 100% Cotton

Product Measurement

Bra : 70AB Panties : Small
Bra : 70CD Panties : Small

Bra : 75AB Panties : Medium
Bra : 75CD Panties : Medium

Bra : 80AB Panties : Large
Bra : 80CD Panties : Large

Bra : 85AB Panties : Extra Large
Bra : 85CD Panties : Extra Large

1. Bra 1pc + Girdle 1 pc

1. This bra is to gather up the fat around the chest so the chest can have a natural stand
2. A unique program of tight waist, always supervise your waist curve
3. Waist-hip stretch transition at a special care, fat is a reasonable adjustment
4. Extreme pressure before the abdomen abdomen design
5. The use of three-dimensional bone invisible dividing line with the scale design, comfortable and effective to repair stomach, waist, belly line, enhance the physical beauty
6. The lower of stealth chest pad, chest immediately upgrade 2 cup, easy to pull, cleavage is established
7. Body sculpture, a pull immediately changed very great changes

【How to wash】
1. Wash by hand
2. Do not bleach and iron
3. Dry at shaded place, do not expose directly under sunlight
4. Clip the middle of the bra when drying
5. Place the bra inside box each time after drying

Postage for West M'sia is RM 10 (first piece) & RM 5 for subsequent piece
Postage for East M'sia is RM 15(first piece) & RM 7 for subsequent piece
Quality assurance!! Safe to wear, Safe to buy..

Note : A & B Cup wear the AB size, while C & D cup wear CD size.

Measurement Size
70: Under the Bust 68-72 cM
75: Under the Bust 73-77CM
80: Under the Bust 78-82CM
85: Under the Bust 83-87CM

A : Difference between Bust & under the bust = 7.5-10 cm
B : Difference between Bust & under the bust = 10-12.5 cm
C : Difference between Bust & under the bust = 12.5-15 cm
D : Difference between Bust & under the bust = 15-17.5 cm

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