Sleeveless cotton dress
Bust 100cm , waist 112cm , Length 82cm
Price RM 49

蔡依林 小S推荐680D 静脉曲张袜 680D Varicose Veins + Slimming Socks

㊣ 100% authentic [stock]
Jolin Tsai, big S, little S, Fan Bingbing( Taiwan Famous Artists highly recommended)! !
Italy TinCoCo 680D
✿ •. ¸ ¸. • '¯ `♥ ㊣ stovepipe socks socks varicose veins - Varicose Veins things correct anti stovepipe (slimming legs pantyhose) ✿ •. ¸ ¸. •' ¯` •. ♥

Genuine Italian eye-catching listing stovepipe Wang 680D! Potential is strong! This series of pressures up to 60mmHg (Taiwan's largest technology to do 35mmHg), is the greatest pressure stovepipe best socks!

Genuine Italian tincoco 680D pantyhose against variceal pressure is the greatest pressure stovepipe best socks! This product is in the thick section, pantyhose, color is black, S / M / L / xL four models to choose from.

【Product Name】: Italy stovepipe Wang tincoco
【Specification】: 680D
】 【Country of origin: Italy
National】 【Agent: China
【Color】: Black
【Packing】: S, M, L, XL

S = 145-155cm 10-50kg
M = 150-160cm 40-55kg
L = 155-167cm 47-65kg
XL = 160-175cm 50-75kg

Stovepipe principle: the principle of Italy TINCOCO stovepipe

A unique mobile nano far-infrared and venous partial pressure of Danny mechanics gradually woven, ultra soft, comfortable pressure, so that the fabric can be 4 to 14 micron radiation beneficial to human metabolism, burn fat, promote blood circulation effect. Local reduce fat, firm tone compression curve of plastic legs! Gradually sub-pressure design, can accelerate the burning of fat, to thin legs and thin features large, because the pressure per square centimeter in stockings very high value can be tightly covered, legs, walk or exercise, the muscles will be consumed by the heat wearing elastic stockings are usually 2 to 3 times, or even more than 5 times, so I can achieve rapid fat-burning effect!

Tight calf tips: beauty, of course can not have little legs like the legs or radish, charming curves of the lower leg is that we must pursue. However, the MM long legs wearing high heels are particularly vulnerable to swelling, or have varicose veins, the appearance of legs. Big S, Jolin Tsai tells the secret of their tight calf - wear socks prevent varicose veins! !

Promote blood circulation, prevent varicose veins: anti-fine soft knit socks, varicose veins can be generated 420 Dan's pressure, comfortable pressure, so that the fabric of Radiation 4-14 microns can be beneficial to human metabolism, flexibility Sork the pressure per square centimeter is high, under pressure to wrap the leg muscles, so that the blood back to the blood smooth legs can be tightly covered leg muscles, promote blood circulation effect, the treatment of varicose veins.

Burn fat, reduce fat locally, create tight leg curve: while in the treatment of varicose veins to the effectiveness of stovepipe Oh! Because, walk or exercise, muscle energy consumed is usually 2-3 times wearing elastic Sork, even more than 5 times, so I can achieve rapid fat-burning effect! Localized fat reduction, compression molding legs tight curve! At the same time and burn fat, to cure, prevent varicose veins and efficacy of stovepipe
For the crowd:
1, prolonged standing are: teachers, traffic police, shopping guide, beauticians, doctors, nurses and so on.
2, long sit-in by: IT people, white-collar workers, civil servants and other office staff - for a long time to stand or sit; because of muscle fatigue and the causes of gravity, resulting in poor blood return leg, increased blood viscosity lead to deep vein disease.
3, pregnant women, people long-term use of contraceptives - changes in hormones during pregnancy, blood volume increase of 20% or more; fetus and increased uterine vein and condylar vein pressure pots, pregnancy weight gain, leg venous pressure increases, caused by poor blood return, resulting in lower extremity venous disease.
4, frequent travel, by plane, coach groups of people, flight attendants - commonly referred to as economy class syndrome, because weight loss at high altitude, resulting in poor blood return leg, resulting in lower extremity venous disease, prone to severe pulmonary embolism.
5, obese people - due to high blood cholesterol and blood lipids, blood viscosity increases, combined with too much weight and so difficult to return to the heart of blood, resulting in lower extremity venous disease.
6, has been suffering from venous diseases of the crowd - already in the venous disease state, treatment must be improved, otherwise the disease will continue to develop.
7, deep venous thrombosis high-risk population - patients after major surgery, cancer patients, hemiplegia patients, women and mothers in late pregnancy, patients with lower limb fractures, serious infections in patients, the elderly and so on.
8, like body sculpting, sculpture, those legs curve.

Important function of elastic stockings

Prevent the appearance of varicose veins

To improve the leg swelling, swelling, heaviness and other symptoms

Beautify the legs of the curve, prompting slim legs curve
Important function of elastic stockings

Prevent the appearance of varicose veins

To improve the leg swelling, swelling, heaviness and other symptoms

Beautify the legs of the curve, prompting slim legs curve

According to "intravenous fluid dynamics" principle, Incremental mining sub-pressure design to prevent leg fatigue

Legs can promote blood circulation, enhance the flexibility of leg muscles

Can be partially reduced fat, create beautiful curves

To moderate the pressure on vascular pressure, help lower limb blood flow back into the heart and smooth, and promote blood circulation

Maintenance and cleaning

This product is the elastic compression stockings about sustainable 15 months, when the elastic loss should be immediately updated. Wearing compression stockings should be kept clean, daily cleaning, take the correct steps when cleaning, and attention to its flexible feature is the new medical socks to change into the refrigerator a day or two, and then place the day after the worn out, increase the medical socks toughness. When washing with a mild (neutral) soap, do not have chlorine or bleach Xi Yijing or shampoo and scrubbing by hand in warm water (water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees.)

In the dress before the first medical socks, put a little dip in a pot of warm water with vinegar or sugar, can become more resilient fibers. When drying towel, siphoning off excess water, very sensitive to sunlight. As long as the sun to the sun directly on the fiber elastic fatigue greatly reduced

2 pairs: RM 168
1 pair:RM 100

PREODER CLOSE 11th May 2011
Shipment ETA 20th May 2011


5月9日的快乐大本营节目,蔡依林介绍自己以前也是肌肉型的小腿,穿了3年的静脉曲张袜,现在的腿形超级漂亮!塑身美腿弹力袜 穿上后即刻腿围就有缩减,比不穿时周径要小些,从视觉效果上看腿部显得更修长,坚持穿用,腿围会有不同程度的缩减,弹力袜的压力由下向上循序减压,符合人体静脉血液回流压力需要,有效的缓解或改善下肢静脉所承受压力,改善局部皮肤营养不良、促进血液循环,缓解和消除腿涨脚肿,减轻疲劳感;横向压力均衡支撑,防止腿部赘肉下垂,保持腿形美观,帮助您腿型达到理想形态。长期穿用塑身弹力袜,持续对腿部肌肉和脂肪进行柔和按压,促进血液循环,消耗腿部能量,对腿部产生收、拢、压、提的作用,能阻止松垂、提升腿线、修正腿形,使腿围缩减,连裤型弹力袜还可以起到提臀收腹的作用,且能防治因长期站立或行走造成的静脉曲张,使您双腿更美丽,感觉更轻松,身体更健康!




美容大王》大S── 紧实大腿线条秘诀 :除了抓捏法,另一种物理性塑身法,就是穿调整型的裤子。穿著调整型裤子可以改善你的线条,让大腿线条变得好看,长期穿的话,肉也会集中在应该集中的地方,屁股也会变得比较翘。 紧实小腿秘诀:穿防静脉曲张裤袜。美女当然不能有小象腿或萝卜腿,迷人曲线的小腿,是一定要追求的。

◎超高弹性的织法-雕 塑小腿曲线

◆尺 寸:S M L XL
◆颜 色:黑色 肤色

S Size :155 cm 以下
M Size:155cm - 163cm
L Size: 163cm - 170cm
XL Size: 170cm 以上










1、 预防静脉曲张的出现
2、 改善腿部肿大、肿胀、沉重等症状
3、 美化腿部的曲线,促使腿部曲线苗条
4、 根据"静脉流体动力学"原理,采渐近式分段压力设计,可防止腿部疲劳
5、 可促进腿部血液的循环,增强腿部肌肉的弹性
6、 可局部减胖,塑造美丽曲线
7、 以温和的压力对血管加压,帮助下肢血液顺畅流回心脏,促进血液循环


还有长时间采坐姿工作的办公室白领一族、银行员、美容师都属于高危险群。妇女比例似乎较高。要?苊? ” 浮脚筋 ” 就必须从年轻时就开始预防保养。

检查部位-鼠蹊部、大腿内/外侧、小腿内/外侧 脚踝内/外侧、脚板


当下肢出现静脉曲张时,症状轻微的可以穿 " 预防用弹性袜 " 防止静脉曲张持续恶化。如果严重影响到美观或连平常站立、行走都觉得疼痛,就要接受外科手术治疗,把损坏的血管拿掉并穿着 " 医疗用弹性袜 "


(2) 手指拉住裤袜之前缘,顺着小腿往上拉,使其务必能紧贴着腿肚部位,直拉至膝关节下处。
(3) 同上由(1)至(2),将另一只裤袜穿着在另一只脚上,直拉至膝关节下处。
(4) 检查脚尖部位与脚趾处是否吻合,如有皱褶,可用手指将脚尖裤袜向前拉起,并平放于脚趾处再在脚底拉起使其服贴
(5) 手持裤袜前后部,并两脚相互交叉,从膝盖处慢慢往大腿部位紧紧拉上来。




将新医疗袜放入冰箱冷冻一两天,再取出放置 一天后穿用,可增加医疗袜的韧度。
晾晒时毛巾将过多的水分吸掉,最忌太阳光, 只要被太阳直接晒到其纤维弹性疲乏就大打折扣了。







预购截止日期:11/05/2011 (2pm)

2件: RM 168
1件:RM 100

Preoder Shoe Batch 1

Code: MSQL35-L12
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Knit Cardigan

Grey Knit Cardigan, side pocket
Size: Free : Suit M to 2XL,Fits UK10 to UK16
Bust - 38 inches, Waist - Max 38inches, Hip 40 inches
arm open: 16inches , sleeve Length : 22"
(Measurement taken when not stretch and pin up)
Good quality soft and stretchable Knit
Price RM 39
Mark down RM 29

Green Lace Pant

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Classy Red Bag

*******HAPPY HOUR******
Gorgeous bag, single zipper closure, skinny double handed tote
*(additional removable straps at side- functional as hand carry bag, as well as shoulder bag)*
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HEIGHT = 13 inches
WIDTH = 6 inches

Price : RM 69.90
Happy Hour : RM 29


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